Protect Your Leather

Our premium full grain, traditionally tanned leather requires relatively little care. If you expose it to the elements, SALAMANCA® bags will develop a unique and desirable patina. However, we recommend you avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and moisture. Should your bag come into contact with water, dry it carefully with an absorbent non-pilling cloth. Excessive water can leave a mark on the leather so pat dry immediately and allow the leather to dry naturally to eliminate further damage.

Ultimate Care

Appreciate the natural patina inherent to the life of your bag. You do not need any special products to keep your SALAMANCA® products look good. From time to time, damp a soft cloth and gently clean the surface of your bag. The general rule to clean leather is being gentle and let the product air dry. Keep leather away from heat sources if you don’t want it to dry out.


The best way to store your SALAMANCA® products is wrapping it in a soft cloth or in its original SALAMANCA® dust bag, which absorbs humidity and allows the bag to breath and prevent it from scratches and helps to keep dust off the leather.
We recommend when you’re not using your bag, stuff it with white tissue paper or a non-transferable colour paper inside it so it remains in its natural shape. Please do not add newspaper as this could stain the lining or the leather. We suggest that you lightly stuff the tissue paper into the bag as this will prevent the leather from stretching and losing its shape.