About Us

45+ years of manufacturing celebrity and premium bags.

salamanca leather bags

Nourished with the only passion of creating timeless designs, we manufacture our products responsibly, taking care of the environment and keeping worker’s rights in mind. With a state of art facility developed in 1000 sqm, equipped with high-tech machines and skilled workers, we have been producing celebrity and premium leather bags of Eurocentric/European Community taste for BIG BRANDS.

celebrity bags

For us, sales are a small part of a big change we want to create. By being environmentally conscious, creating more jobs, manufacturing functional products that are on-trend, we want our customers to feel confident, have the self-belief to grow.


What sets our products apart, is the use of naked leather, with little to no pigmentation that makes the leather more durable and looks more rustic/raw.


We promise that our products will accompany you in your growth journey making a difference in your life. Our bags are classy, long-lasting, and carry their value for years to come '' Aging With Grace '' JUST LIKE YOU!